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Category:Synthwave groupsVenezuela Anarquista Network is a decentralized anarchist organization from Venezuela, A.N.V.E.L.U.T.E.D Today, Venezuela is considered one of the few places on earth where the contemporary anarchist movement is still in motion, although it is relatively young, appearing in the country during the 1960s, when anarchists were still building a revolution. Most of the first militants who formed the vanguard organizations of Venezuela, such as the FAI, the FAG, and the Tzup, were indeed anarchists. We have here a vibrant history of resistance that has lasted from the 19th Century up to the present. The country has two things going for it as far as we are concerned: the presence of a broad left-wing anarchist movement and the strategic location that we occupy in the South American continent, which has the most important transit routes for trade between Latin America and the rest of the world, and as a result, Venezuela and its regional neighbors have always been important trade and financial hubs. The process that led to the present moment of crisis in the country began in the mid-2000s, and it was mainly due to the neo-liberal policies of the Chavez-led government, which were applied during the latter years of his mandate. We have criticized the process to the point of admitting that there was a right-wing reaction to Chavez’s policies, but as we have seen in Chile, this process is not new; it has happened before in Chile, and in other countries in Latin America, as well. The growing deterioration of the social and economic conditions of the population, as well as the attempt to destroy the left-wing party in Venezuela, have caused a radicalization of the people, with the end result being that the radical left began to take power in Venezuela, such as in the Movimiento Revolucionario Tupamaros (MRT) and the Russian Bolshevik Leninist Party. Within the radical left of Venezuela, we distinguish between two tendencies, one represented by the MRT and the other by the Bolivarian Revolution, and these tendencies have always been in conflict with each other. The militants of the MRT and the Bolivarian Revolution have very different ideas about socialism and revolution. To the militants of the Bolivarian Revolution, socialism is something that has to be realized, and in this sense, they see the MRT





G Sonique XXL Bundle V1.0 VST VSTi Pack.12 balsal

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